Keeping Faith Season 4 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

‘Keeping Faith,’ a criminal thriller TV series produced by renowned screenwriter and writer Matthew Hall and distributed by Vox Pictures, plunges the audience into the heart of rural Wales to solve a perplexing mystery of a departure.

Faith Howells, a criminal prosecutor with a small family regulation business, is the protagonist of the series. Her life takes an unexpected turn when her husband Evan allegedly leaves shortly after the birth of their third kid.

Following its first release in November 2017, the series has spawned three seasons, all of which have received critical praise and promotion.

The series received a positive reception from fans and professionals, who praised the moving photography and the divine cast for bringing the humour to life.

Eve Myles was also nominated for a BAFTA for her performance as Faith Howells.

Despite the fact that season three ends on a high note, fans are anxiously anticipating if the tale would continue in the next season.

If you’re a fan of this series, we’re sorry to inform you that it’s officially over. You should be wondering why it was cancelled in the first place, and whether there is any chance that season 4 will be released. Let’s see what we can find out.

Keeping Faith Season 4 Release Date

Keeping Faith Season 4


Unfortunately for fans of Keeping Faith, the BBC has confirmed that there will be no fourth season.

“The third and final collection sees Faith compelled to draw on her deepest resources of belief and passion, as well as her undying hunger for the truth, as she takes on each of her profession’s most important cases while confronting the darkest secrets, techniques, and stories of her past,” said Matthew Hall, the series’ producer.

“Faith is tested to her limits as a mother, daughter, partner, companion, first-rate friend, and legal expert in an experience that alternates between struggle and faith, tears and yelling, until her storey bursts in an exhilarating and surprise conclusion and her last farewell.”

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As upsetting as it is for fans to discover, the community has buried the programme, and the third season marks the end of the thriller comedy’s journey.

In January 2020, BBC Wales confirmed the series’ renewal for a third season, but also announced its discontinuation.

 Matthew Hall, the show’s creator, revealed during a press conference that he does not intend to extend the show for a fourth season. Eve Myles, the series’ main actress, tweeted the sad news to the series’ fans in August 2020.

Keeping Faith Season 4 Cast

  • Matthew Gravelle will play the role of PC Terry Price
  • Rhian Morgan will act as Marion Howells
  • Eve Myles being Faith Howells
  • Mark Lewis Jones being Steve Baldini
  • Aneirin Hughes being Tom Howells
  • Bradley Freegard will act as Evan Howells
  • Mali Harries being Bethan Price
  • Steffan Rhodri being Gwyn Daniels
  • Hannah Daniel will play the role of Cerys Jones
  • Martha Bright will play the role of Angie Baldini

Keeping Faith Storyline

Keeping Faith Season 4

The last episode of season three of Keeping Faith is one of the most nerve-wracking of the three seasons.

After a protracted legal battle to allow 14-year-old Osian to get experimental treatment in France, his switch is finally approved.

Faith is relieved; however, her euphoria is short-lived when it is revealed that Faith’s demanding mother, Rose, has seized Faith’s two girls and is having a tense lunch with them when they return to her home.

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Faith performs it to the household before any harm can be done to the girls; nonetheless, an enraged Rose pulls a gun on her own daughter.

Faith’s husband, Evan, arrives on the scene excitedly, and a tense standoff follows until two gunshots can be heard from outside.

Rose shot and murdered Evan before turning the pistol on herself, according to the newspaper.

Keeping Faith Season 4


Following the violent finale, Keeping Faith concludes with a montage of Faith advertising her apartment and attending Evan’s beachside memorial.

Faith is pregnant, most likely with Steve Baldini’s child, and it’s right here, where we study (who Rose additionally noticed). She intends to move to a new school to begin a fresh chapter.

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Unfortunately, we will not be following Faith’s next chapter in her life. The series has mostly focused on Faith’s deteriorating relationship with her husband Evan, and now that he’s gone, the show’s central dynamic is no longer there.

Final Thoughts

That concludes season 4 of Keeping Faith. I hope you found this article useful. Keep an eye out for additional updates from us!

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