Gakuen Babysitters Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled? Check Here!

Because of this, if you’ve ever had to babysit someone, perhaps a child much younger than your own, “Gakuen Babysitters” is bound to be familiar. What you’d expect from an animated short titled “School Babysitters” is just that. Even the plot is predictable, and the characters are all the same generic stereotypes.

But it’s amazing to see how authentic and simple it is throughout. Through its real-life characters, it conveys a moving storey of growing up and finding one’s place in the world.

The film’s raw visual quality provides an aura of charm to the personalities of its characters, which helps express the film’s profound themes.

If you’re looking for something fresh and exciting, check out ‘Gakuen Babysitters. Even though it’s geared for a specific demographic, practically anyone can benefit from it.

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Season 2 premiere date for Gakuen Babysitters

gakuen babysitters 2

A Japanese animated comedy series called Babysitters at School is now airing on TV in Japan. Gakuen Babysitters or just Babysitters at School are other names for this service.

An anime spin-off based on the same name manga series by Hari Tokeino. Base from Studio Brain animated this episode, which aired on January 7, 2018.

The final episode of the 12-part series aired on March 25, 2018. Present viewers are begging for a second season of the show. Is that even possible, given the current condition of affairs? For now there is no release date for the second season of Gakuen Babysitter.

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The Season 2 Plot of Gakuen Babysitters


When Ryuuichi Kashima and Kotarou’s parents are murdered in a terrible plane crash, they are orphans. Kotarou, who is still a youngster, has no concept what is going on while Ryuuchi is becoming more aware of his responsibilities.

It is at their parents’ funeral that their school’s headmaster, Youko Morinomiya, approaches the two of them. She happily accepts the responsibility of being their guardian and takes the children home with her.

However, in order to keep his head above water, Ryuuichi must volunteer to babysit the children of Youko’s academy professors.

All female faculty members at the academy have access to a babysitters club. Since there is a dearth of workers, Ryuichi now must deal with a variety of kids.

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