Dark Desire Season 3: Possible Release Date & Confirmation by Netflix in 2022!

It was released on February 2 by Netflix, allowing fans to find out what happened after the cliffhanger of season 1. It’s time to find out if the third season of Dark Desire will be aired.

At the time of its release in July 2020, Dark Desire was Netflix’s most-watched non-English title. More than 35 million people tuned in to the first four weeks of the season premiere, according to reports.

Many people watched Netflix’s original series because it has a lot of intriguing plot twists and is very addictive. This is not surprising. You can’t stop watching after the first episode. Fast-paced, suspenseful, and full of mystery are just some of the adjectives used to describe this thriller.

Dark Desire Season 3

It’s understandable that fans want more from a show like this. It’s hard to say goodbye. So, we’ll let you know if the story will continue in the third season of Dark Desire.

How many seasons of Dark Desire are there?

Dark Desire Season 3

Two seasons of Dark Desire have been released on Netflix, and you can watch them both right now. It has 18 episodes in the first season, while the second season has just 15 episodes. In each episode, the running time is kept to a minimum of 40 minutes.

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Is there going to be the third season of Dark Desire?

Dark Desire Season 3

Unfortunately, a third season will not be produced. Netflix stated that the second season of Dark Desire, which will premiere in August 2020, will be the final season of the show.

During the second season, everything was properly resolved. For this reason, a third season won’t be necessary. Towards the end of the second season, Alma persuades Dario to admit that he murdered his wife, Julieta. Esteban and a shot of sodium pentothal were going to help Dario confess his darkest secret, but it wasn’t going to be easy.

Dark Desire Season 3

After that, we see Dario shackled to a hospital bed, while Alma strolls down the street, smoking a cigarette. She has finally gotten rid of the person who has caused her so much heartache. At the end of Season 2, there are a few unresolved issues, but they aren’t major. On September 22, 2022, the third and final season of Dark Desire will be released.

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