Colony Season 4 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled? Check Here!

Science fiction shows have always dared to explore the most serious questions concerning humanity’s destiny. As it grows to include psychological concerns, future technology, and locations, the genre is witnessing a revival.

‘Colony,’ for example, is an American drama that shows a dystopian future while still including elements of drama. It was created by Carlton Cuse and Ryan J. Condal, the former of whom is best known as the director of the television series “Lost.”

The storey follows a family as they fight tooth and nail to stay together after a mysterious alien invasion.

On January 14, 2016, the USA Network premiered ‘Colony.’ We feel it portrays America under occupation in a manner that no other series does, and that it captures dystopia’s characteristics well.

Before you go any further, here’s what the critics had to say about the show: “‘Colony’ gives a fascinating narrative, a few surprises, and an overall enjoyable experience, even if none of it is original.”

Colony Season 4 Release Date

Colony Season 4 Release Date

Colony season 4 will unfortunately not be produced. The sitcom was cancelled after three seasons on July 12, 2018, according to USA Network.

According to Deadline, the first season of Colony got 2.2 million viewers, which is a significant number. Meanwhile, just 1.3 million people watch the second and third seasons.

As a result, it is most likely the reason for the termination, as it forces them to end the programme permanently. However, as USA Network has made no official statement on the cancellation, this is simply a hunch.

While we cannot predict when Colony season 4 will be announced, there is always the possibility that the show may be picked up by another network. Nothing is beyond of reach.

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Colony Season 4 Cast

Colony Season 4 Release Date

  • Isabella Crovetti being Grace Kathryn “Gracie” Bowman
  • Josh Holloway being Will Bowman
  • Sarah Wayne Callies will act as Katie Bowman
  • Peter Jacobson being Alan Snyder
  • Tory Kittles being Eric Broussard
  • Alex Neustaedter will act as Bram Bowman
  • Jacob Buster will play the role of Charlie Bowman.
  • Amanda Righetti will play the role of Madeline “Maddie” Kenner. 

Colony Season 4 Plot

Colony Season 4 Release Date

‘Colony’ is set in the near future in Los Angeles, where residents are forced to live under a military dictatorship imposed by the Transitional Authority.

The Authority in this dystopia serves the Hosts, an alien species. There is nothing known about this extraterrestrial life form other than the fact that they gained control on a single day known as the ‘Arrival.’

The Hosts’ collaborating troops are represented as stylised birds of prey or raptors. As a result, they’re known as ‘Raps,’ and the Authority’s anti-Hosts strategy is carried out by military police designated as Homeland Security but branded ‘Redhats.’

When the Hosts came, they dropped gigantic rectangular bricks from the sky that were later linked to the city’s walls.

One of these walls, which is between 20 and 30 stories tall, several metres thick, and runs for kilometres, succeeds to surround Los Angeles’ core business centre in the episode.

Similar walls referred to as ‘blocs,’ ring adjacent urban areas, and the whole setup is referred to as a ‘colony.’

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Despite the fact that the invasion’s extent is never mentioned, it is worldwide in scope. When the occupation is over, high-security gates are built, and traffic is directed through them.

Furthermore, the Authority maintains tight control on the distribution of supplies, such as fuel and food limits, as well as people’s mobility.

Because the Hosts are unable to enforce all laws, they rely on the help of local elites.

They are the collaborators, and they help maintain control through “separating loved ones, shoot-on-sight curfews, forced disappearances, random checkpoints, regular computerised identification checks, and limits on motor vehicle usage.”

Colony Season 4 Release Date

The Hosts also impose medical norms, such as ruling diabetes unworthy of treatment and therefore reducing the population.

Naturally, all humans detest this tampering, and there is a resistance movement known as the ‘Insurgency,’ or ‘Resistance.’ When the Bowmans arrive, we see the youngster separated from his family while the aliens build the blocs.

The father is forced to work for the Redhats, searching for and killing Resistance members. He does it in order to keep his family safe from the Factory.

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Things get more difficult when he realises that his wife is a member of the Resistance, and the two begin sharing information. Meanwhile, Bram discovers a secret tunnel under the wall and even joins a rival rebel group.

Overall, the series is well-made and demonstrates that, even in the event of an alien invasion, the greatest threat is posed by the “fear-stoking foreign agents lurking within humanity—those who pit us, often pitilessly and violently, against one another,” as The Hollywood Reporter correctly points out.

Assume that the occupation depicted in ‘Colony’ reminds you of real-life occurrences. You’re not far off the mark in that scenario, since Cuse previously told Collider that the show was “designed as a parallel for France under Nazi occupation.”

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