Alternately, we’ll stop taxing people for their Social Security benefits

Even those with limited means should not be subject to the taxation of their Social Security benefits, which our state legislators are unable to do. I find the argument that it would cost the company a certain amount of money to implement ludicrous.

In the first place, New Mexico should never have allowed this to be a source of income for the state. This tax should be immediately halted, so please keep track of which members of Congress don’t support doing so.

Thanks to Rob Martinez, the state historian. Since priests don’t typically have children, his article “Padre Martnez saw New Mexico through changes,” History Matters, Feb. 5, explained to me how some of my distant cousins could claim a direct relationship to Padre Martnez.

Prior to his departure from New Mexico to study for the priesthood in Durango, Mexico, Padre Marinez was married, had a child, and became a widow.

Asked how one of my classmates could be named Martin, he gave an answer. Martinez people are known by the name Martin.

Antonio José Martin, the future Padre Martnez, was the first of his family to become a priest.

Alternately, we'll stop taxing people for their Social Security benefits

There are no Martnez names on the list of colonists brought to the New World by Juan de Rate, but the name Martin appears.

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U.S. hypocrisy

A fair comparison of reasonable defense issues between the United States and Russia should be used to evaluate the situation in Ukraine.

Because of this, Russia has a legitimate interest in keeping countries that border it under the umbrella of its defensive sphere of influence. Many Latin American countries within the United States’ enormous “sphere of influence” have been subject to U.S. meddling ever since the “Monroe Doctrine” was established. As one of Europe’s poorest countries, Ukraine has strong cultural and historical ties to Russia.

Alternately, we'll stop taxing people for their Social Security benefits

The United States exhibits a high degree of hypocrisy by refusing to accept Mexico’s membership in a Russian security organization.

With its history of being invaded from the West dating back centuries, Russia has a legitimate fear of NATO’s rapid expansion to its borders, a situation that it was told would never happen.

Lawless action

Former congressman Steve Pearce, now chairman of the state Republican Party and potential governor, instructed Jewel Powdrell to submit a fraudulent certification of a Trump slate of electors to the Electoral College, demonstrating in plain sight that he is lawless, as many of us always suspected.

Alternately, we'll stop taxing people for their Social Security benefits

Voter fraud is anathema in the United States, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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The Real Coupe

We apologize, but the term “deuce coupe” is slang for a 1932 Ford Model 18 with a side-valve flathead V-8 engine, which was featured in a photograph published on Feb. 1 by Chevrolet. For a long time, I had one.

Color of surprise

Alternately, we'll stop taxing people for their Social Security benefits

According to former President Trump, Black attorneys general who is investigating a white man for possible crimes is racist.

If this is the case, don’t white law officers and prosecutors who are investigating Blacks for alleged crimes also fall under the same definition of racists? So, does the former president support critical race theory and the Black Lives Matter movement? Surprised? You betcha.

Ukraine’s right to exist

As outlined in his 2014 article, political scientist John H. Mearsheimer argues that “Why the Ukraine Crisis Is the West’s fault.” The European Union, NATO, and the United States are all aware of this.

“Impeccable Logic, Wrong Facts” is a must-read for anyone interested in logic. European Leadership Network, a nonpartisan pan-European nongovernmental organization, responded to his article in 2014 with a response of their own.

Alternately, we'll stop taxing people for their Social Security benefits

In other words, does Ukraine have the right to independence? In order for President Vladimir Putin and the rest of the West to feel secure, should it, as Mearsheimer suggests, be sacrificed to Russian arrogance?

The absence of war is the presence of peace. Slavery is the opposite of freedom. Strength comes from ignorance. The use of violence as a political tool is perfectly legal. Has a distinct sound.

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