Call it aural sex!

A hot new “sexual meditation” app is designed to bring listeners to orgasm by inducing them into a state of extreme relaxation.

Guided by Glow was created by actress Sayra Player last year, and offers listeners a range of guided “erotic audio sessions” for $8.99 a month.

The app has quickly attracted a legion of followers, and has even been endorsed by Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop, which included it in its “Sexy Holiday Gifts Guide” alongside various vibrators and a “Smell Like My Orgasm” candle.

Guided by Glow features a number of different sessions and storylines which usually begin with guided breathing exercises designed to relax the listener. Often the narrator will then instruct the listener to start sensually touching themselves.

Player explained that she wrote her first guided meditation for her app after finding herself unsatisfied with online porn. “I haven’t had a lot of resonance with conventional porn, but I’ve always done yoga,” she told the Daily Beast. “I love to surrender and stop thinking and just flow.”

Guided sessions on the app last anywhere between eight to 25 minutes. Subscribers pay $8.99 per month for the sexy service.
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“I was listening to a guided meditation and had this moment of, ‘It would be cool if this person spoke to my body and brought in a sexual experience.’ “

Player added: “I don’t want to be a porn producer. I want to be a pleasure connoisseur.”

Sessions last between eight and 25 minutes, with listeners able to choose from male, female and non-binary voices to guide them through the erotic exercises.

Female listeners were mostly all approving of the app and finding their glow. “It was a nice break from normal porn, and it did feel more comforting,” one said. “Sometimes after porn I feel a real shame, but with this I didn’t have the experience.”

Guided By Glow has even been endorsed by Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop.
Guided by Glow has even been endorsed by Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop.
Courtesy of Guided by Glow

“It felt naughty, like I didn’t want my neighbors to hear it,” another said. “The voice was phony, with the forced inhaling, but it made me horny. So I guess it worked!”

While Guided by Glow is marketed for women, one mindfulness coach says “sexual meditations” can also help bring men to a more fulfilling orgasm.

Jessica Graham, a mindfulness coach and author of “Good Sex: Getting Off Without Checking Out”, told the Daily Beast: “Folks get pretty caught in their head during sex, especially around climax. This happens to people of all genders, not just women, who tell me that they can’t climax with someone else because there’s too much anxiety. “

The raunchy practice is becoming popular with women, but one expert says men may also benefit from the relaxing programs.
The raunchy practice is becoming popular with women, but one expert says men may also benefit from the relaxing programs.
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Meditations designed to induce orgasm didn’t begin with Guided by Glow.

The mediation company Simple Habit also has a “Mindfulness During Sex” program. Headspace also boasts a “Mindfulness and Sex” page, saying the tools learned during solo meditations can be applied with a partner.

Meanwhile, YouTube also houses several of the raunchy and relaxing mediations. The page “Meditation by Melissa” features a 30-minute session titled “Guided Orgasm Meditation for Women,” which has clocked up more than 600,000 views.

“When you slow down, you access all of this pleasure and turn-ons that are available, but usually get bulldozed over,” Graham says. “As a culture, we’re very focused on the instant gratification of a [climax] and getting off. So many people think that if they don’t get off then they weren’t successful. But there’s patience in learning to slow down and be with your body that way.”


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