This miracle tot’s harrowing “tail” got cut a little short.

Doctors were flabbergasted over the case of Brazilian boy, who was one of the only babies ever to be born with a true human tail — a “rare congenital anomaly” according to a case study in the Journal Of Pediatric Case Surgery Reports.

Per the research, the unnamed infant’s “epic tail” began sprouting in the womb where, like all babies, he developed an embryonic appendage around four to eight weeks after gestation, the Daily Mail reported.

However, while the fifth limb is normally reabsorbed by the birth passage to form the tailbone, this tyke’s butt tassel continued to grow.

By the time the child was born 35 weeks prematurely, he sported a foot-long posterior protuberance with a 1.5 inch-wide ball at the tip like a meaty medieval mace.

The newborn’s appendage was comprised of only tissue and fat, making him one of 40 documented children in history to be born with a true tail, NCBI reported. By contrast, far more babies are born with psuedo-tails, protrusions that jut out from the base of the spine and contain cartilage and bone.

The boy is one of 40 recorded babies to be born with a true tail.

The boy’s appendage is particular unique given that human’s ape ancestors shed their tails around 25 million years ago — although it’s unclear if it was an evolutionary straggler.

Despite not suffering any complications from his fifth limb, the family opted to remove the “ball and chain.” However, the study didn’t disclose why they chose to do so (i.e. whether it was causing him pain or discomfort) — or the details of how the procedure was carried out.

Meanwhile, his isn’t the first time someone has been endowed with a unique appendage. In 2019, a UK man baffled doctors after a 5-inch cancerous “dragon horn” sprouted out of his back despite him having no history of skin cancer.

The crater left behind by the tail removal.
The crater left behind by the tail removal.
The balloon-like appendage following its removal.
Doctors described the poppy-like appendage as a “ball and chain.”


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