The claws came out during this playground fight!

A TikToker says she was shamed by a group of nasty moms for dressing up in a glamorous outfit to take her son to the local playground.

The woman — known on TikTok as Rosie — recounted the humiliating experience in a video shared Monday, which has racked up more than 500,000 views.

“Last year, my son and I were on our weekly excursion to the playground when we came across the ever-intimidating mom group,” she stated.

“I had zero reasons to believe they were anything but harmless, but my high school survival instincts told me to keep my distance.”

However, Rosie recalled that her unassuming son walked straight up to the women, and she was forced to follow suit.

“I heard one of the moms say something I will never soon forget: ‘Oh, you look nice, I don’t like you.’”

Rosie told her TikTok fans that the cruel words “sent a quick jolt through her system while the other moms sniggered” in the background.

The brunette beauty — who frequently shares TikTok videos of her picture-perfect life as a stay-at-home mom — didn’t describe what she was wearing at the playground.

However, the comment caused her to temporarily wonder whether she may have been “overdressed” for the outing.

After giving it some thought, Rosie told her fans that she wouldn’t be giving herself a make-under just so the other moms could feel comfortable.

“I have discovered that deliberately getting myself ready in the morning helps me to mentally prepare for the day, and fills my mornings with purpose,” she defiantly said.

The magic of makeup: Rosie explained that she enjoys putting effort into her appearance each day — even if she’s just running simple errands or taking her young son to play in the park.

Rosie was inundated with comments from supportive viewers, many of whom accused the other moms of being “jealous.”

“Insecure women love to tear other thriving women down. Say this with me: We will never dull our shine again to make anyone comfortable,” one supporter stated.

“Oh my gosh, you are gorgeous, young and fit. You won’t regret enjoying your beauty one bit,” another admirer cooed.

Rosie isn’t the only social media star who claims to have been shamed by “mean girl moms.”

Rosie says she loves to dress up and wear make-up — even when she's just hanging around the house.
Rosie says she loves to dress up and wear makeup — even when she’s just hanging around the house.

Earlier this year, OnlyFans star Crystal Jackson, 44, said her kids were kicked out of a Catholic school after a “mean mom” found out about her racy online activity.

Jackson — known as Tiffany Poindexter, or “Mrs. Poindexter” on the OnlyFans app —said a fellow parent at her kids’ former elementary school printed out sexy snaps from her account and passed them out all around Sacramento, California.

“She’s a horrible human being,” Jackson told Barstool Sports back in April.


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