Well, it actually happened. For the second time, someone made a movie based on perhaps the most inscrutably esoteric and labyrinthine sci-fi novel of its time, Frank Herbert’s “Dune.” And we have to ask, did director Denis Villenevue succeed where David Lynch failed and actually manage to make an entertaining and, more importantly, coherent film out of the source material?

Maybe. Critics have returned some fairly mixed reviews, for instance TheWrap’s Steve Pond, who called it a “formidible accomplishment” but also noting that it’s “frustrating.” But by all accounts Villenevue wasn’t meddled with by producers the way Lynch was, and all critics praise the film’s visuals and ambition. But you’ll have to wait just a bit longer to find out for yourself — this Friday, Oct. 22.

But for those wondering exactly how to watch “Dune” (including where it’s streaming and for how long), what it’s about and where to stream Lynch’s 1984 adaptation, we’ve got answers to those questions below.

Is “Dune” Streaming?

“Dune” will be available to stream on HBO Max, but only with the $14.99 monthly Ad Free subscription plan offered by the streamer. As with other Warner Bros. COVID-era theatrical releases like “Wonder Woman 1984,” “Dune” will also be only available to stream on HBO Max for 31 days.

When Does “Dune” Leave HBO Max?

“Dune” will leave HBO Max on Nov. 21. So you better get it in before Thanksgiving.

Is “Dune” Playing in Theaters?

Yes, “Dune” is getting a wide theatrical release on Oct. 22 alongside the HBO Max launch, and that includes IMAX theaters as well as traditional screens. And while our view is that you ought to watch this where you feel most comfortable — the pandemic isn’t quite over yet — a lot of critics have said it really ought to be seen on a big screen.

What Is “Dune” About?

Warner Bros

Starring Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya, “Dune” follows the story of Paul Atreides (Chalamet), a young man thrust into a galactic battle for control of the most important resource in the universe: “spice,” which extends human life and improves cognitive abilities, and is found only on the desert planet Arrakis. The Emperor order’s Paul’s father, Duke Leto (Oscar Isaac) to relocate his family from the ocean planet Caladan to Arrakis, after which an internal betrayal leaves Paul and his mother Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson) to defend themselves. They soon encounter the native Freemen of Arrakis, and Chani (Zendaya) — who becomes Paul’s love interest — enters the picture.

If you’ve read the books, then you know things get much, much weirder after this. Billions-killed, space messiah, giant worms weird.

Villenevue directed and wrote “Dune” with co-writers Jon Spaihts and Eric Roth, but has noted that “Dune” is only half the story. If “Dune” is successful, “Dune: Part Two” will move forward with Villeneuve and Co. returning to adapt the second half of Herbert’s book.

Has “Dune” Been Adapted Before?

Director David Lynch adapted “Dune” in 1984. Kyle MacLachlan stars in that version as Paul Atreides and Francesca Annis stars as Lady Jessica. Sting and Patrick Stewart star alongside them. Lynch’s adaptation of the classic sci-fi story met with mixed reviews. Overall, viewers did come to love the 1984 version for its campiness, and some are questioning whether Villeneuve’s adaptation can top it while still remaining close to the original written pages.

Is the 1984 Film Streaming?

David Lynch’s adaptation of “Dune” is also available to stream on HBO Max. It is also available on demand on HBO. For those who want to make it a “Dune” double feature and compare the two films, HBO Max is your go-to streamer.


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