The truth behind Trumps accusations against the Arizona electoral votes!

Source: NBC News

Former US President Donald Trump issued three statements in two days, falsely claiming that election fraud and irregularities caused him to lose his Arizona electoral vote. Trump relied on comments from contractors hired by state Senate Republicans on Thursday to oversee a partisan review of Maricopa’s 2020 vote count. Counties, including the Phoenix metropolitan area.

The “forensic audit” that Republican Senate leaders call censorship is overseen by Cyber ​​Ninjas, a small computer security company that had no election experience before Trump began questioning the results of the 2020 election. Its chief executive, Doug Logan, spread false conspiracy theories about his appointment to lead Arizona’s review of the previous election.

Logan and Ben Cotton, a digital forensics analyst working in the audit, described what they said needed further review. Trump repeated the evidence that they were tainted as an election result. County officials and election experts said that these statements were wrong and based on misunderstandings of election materials. They said they would create the false impression of wrongdoing, but they did not actually exist.

Trump made his claims more specifically in a statement on Friday night. Look at the alleged violations in the statement: “168,000 fraudulent ballots printed on illegal paper (unofficial ballots)”

In fact, this is all fake. The ballots were not unofficial, nor were they printed on illegal paper, and even Logan never claimed that they were fraudulent.

Logan pointed to the ballot with a slight offset printed on the front and back. He claimed that if one party’s ink is transferred to the other party, this may result in the counting of votes to the wrong candidate. He said the alignment problem was mainly due to the ballots printed on the spot, and said that about 168,000 ballots were cast in this way. The vast majority of voters in Arizona voted by mail.

“We are seeing a lot of very thin paper stock being used especially on Election Day,” Logan added.

The indictment can be traced back to the infamous “Sharpiegate” conspiracy theory that emerged a few days after the election. Election experts said that bloodshed will not affect the counting of votes because the bubbles on one side of the ballot do not match the bubbles on the other side. The unreadable ballots are marked and copied by the bipartisan team.

The Arizona Election Procedure Manual only states that ballots “must be printed with black ink on white paper of sufficient thickness to prevent the printing from being discernible on the reverse side the ballot.” Maricopa County spokesperson Filz Mosley said that Maricopa County uses Roland’s 80-pound Votesecur paper, which is one of the documents approved by Dominion Voting Systems, which produced the county’s watchmaking kit.

Logan did not provide any evidence that the alignment issue affected the vote count, and stated that the issue requires further analysis.

Trump, citing “74,000 mail in ballots received that were never mailed (magically appearing ballots).”

But in fact, no, there are no votes that magically appear. He claimed that the number of filled-in ballots received by election officials by mail exceeded the 74,000 who had previously asked for ballots to be mailed, but it is not the truth. The statement erroneously described the report created for political parties to track who voted in advance so that they can concentrate on getting votes. A report tracks all early voting requests made by voters by mail or in person 11 days before the election. Another report tracks all votes received as of the day before the election. This leaves a 10-day window during which people who vote in person but do not require a ballot to be mailed will appear in one report, but not in another.

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