Is Neem Oil Healthy For Our Skin?

Neem leaves contain Nimbus, Nimbolid, Nimandial, and 130 different active ingredients that help treat skin and gum diseases, detoxify the blood, help tighten the skin, reduce acne, promote a healthy respiratory and digestive system and nourish the hair. Neem leaves are also used in Ayurvedic medicine due to their antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties. The leaves are extracted from the Neem tree and the Indian lilac, both found in India.
Before exploring the many benefits of Neem oil, let us first understand how cold-pressed organic Neem oils are extracted from the tree.
Pregnant women or women trying to conceive a child should not consume Neem oil or other Neem products such as Neem leaf extracts, capsules, and tea. Because of the immense benefits of neem oil on the hair, it has been used for centuries as an ayurvedic remedy for hair problems. Now that we have covered Neem Oil for Hair, let’s understand how it can nourish your body and skin.
Neem seed oil is toxic for internal use and should not be used in large doses over long periods. In India, where Neem oil is widely used, there have been cases of NEEM oil poisoning in infants who received a single amount of the oil (a few drops of 5 ml) and adults who showed signs of toxic encephalopathy, metabolic acidosis, and liver toxicity. Neem seed oils are problematic to keep out of the reach of children, and some infants who ate 5 ml of them and died have reported having Reyes syndrome-like symptoms, and deaths have also been reported in adults.16 Despite the potential for severe side effects, the amount of Neem used in research studies should not exceed it.
Research has not been sufficient to define the risks and side effects of Neem and neem-based products. Where to find and how to use Neem products. Neem is sold in oils, extracts, powder forms, and supplement forms and can be added to hair, skin, and oral care products.
Neem is a popular ingredient in natural hair, and dental products share on Pinterest. In this article, you will learn more about the benefits of Neem and how to use it safely. Neem oil is a common pesticide that is effective against sand fleas and mosquitoes.
Some people take Neem extract capsules, but there is not enough research to say if they have any medical benefit. The popular neem seed rest left over after oil extraction is beneficial for soil enrichment. It restores nitrogen loss, works well with nematicides, and is an excellent source of moisture for the skin.
Using Neem Oil together with fatty acids and vitamins moisturizes and nourishes your skin, making it clear and youthful. In addition, a study published in 1999 in the Indian Journal of Dental Research found that using chewing sticks with Neem extract can help protect against the build-up of bacteria associated with cavity formation and periodontal disease. The study results showed that gels containing Neem extracts reduced plaque accumulation more effectively than mouthwashes containing chlorhexidine gluconate.

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