After Cristiano Ronaldo Removes Soft Drinks At Presser, Coca Cola Loses $4 Billion!!!

Cristiano Ronaldo wielded two Coca-Cola bottles while speaking to the media before the Group F opener against Hungary. Ronaldo’s entire press conference remained tense, and I responded to get a feeling for his mood. It is possible he came to the presser in an irritated state of mind.
Cristiano Ronaldo’s removal of two Coca-Cola bottles from a pre-European Championship press conference coincided with a $4 billion plunge in Coca-Cola’s share price. The soft drink giant has suffered a massive fall in share prices after Cristiano Ronaldo smacked about two soft drink bottles during Monday’s press conference ahead of Portugal’s 3-0 victory over Hungary. According to a report in the Daily Star, his move to move bottles impacted the real world. According to a report in the Daily Star, the price of Coca-Cola fell 16% from $24.2 billion ($23.8 billion) to a loss of $4 billion.
During Euro 2020, Cristiano Ronaldo removed Coca-Cola soft drink bottles from his front, which harmed Coca-Cola. Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to move two Coca-Cola bottles around has had a ‘negative impact’ on the drinks giant, it has emerged. Coca-Cola’s share price fell 16% after Ronaldo removed drink bottles from the front of his shirt during a press conference when he stressed drinking water.
Cristiano Ronaldo snubbed Coca-Cola at a press conference ahead of Portugal’s Euro 2020 opener against Hungary and instead favored drinking water. Ronaldo was reportedly unhappy with Euro 2020 coordinators for keeping Coca-Cola bottles when pressed into the conference room. He hid the soft drink bottles at the congress in the context of Euro 2020 and hinted that they could be a substitute for drinking water.
Cristiano Ronaldo caused a stir on Monday after a gesture with two Coca-Cola bottles on social media. Cristiano Ronaldo’s latest gesture at a press conference ahead of Portugal’s Euro 2020 opener against Hungary stole the limelight before the tournament-opening match. Ronaldo was at the press conference with manager Fernando Santos when he saw two Coca-Cola bottles placed in front of him.
Cristiano Ronaldo replaced a bottle of coke with water at a press conference on Monday. Ronaldo had found two bottles of Coca-Cola before Portugal defeated Hungary in the Group stage of Euro 2020.
Cristiano Ronaldo did little to know that his gesture of taking a few coke bottles would cause the company a significant loss. Ronaldo rose one hour after becoming the highest scorer in the history of the European Championship. At a press conference, he retrieved a coke from the table and put it in its place.
In the meantime, Juventus removed two bottles of fizzy drink from the table in front of them during the pre-match press conference. Cristiano Ronaldo held up a bottle of water. He said: ‘Agua,’ which means water in Portuguese, in a show of support. That’s what you drink as a Portuguese striker; he said, showing the bottle.
Coca-Cola’s share price fell 5.610 dollars (3.980 euros) to 55.22 dollars (39.19 euros). Sixteen percent of the company’s value had been wiped away in the day before a late recovery, and the share price closed at 5,544 (4,570) euros.
At one point in the day, 16 percent of the company’s value was wiped out, which has shifted Coca-Cola’s market value from $242 billion to $238 billion, or $23.8 billion. Coca-Cola’s share price fell to $55.22 (PS71.86) from $56.10 (PS73) after Ronaldo’s gesture, a $4.4 billion drop. The market value rose from US $242b (US $31.52b) to US $238b (US $310b) or US $3.10b.
Cristiano Ronaldo turned down two bottles of Coca-Cola that cost Coca-Cola $4 billion at a press conference on Monday. Ronaldo gesticulated to take the soft drink bottles off the table, costing the world’s largest soft-drink maker almost half a billion dollars.
Ronaldo’s gesture, however, had a substantial negative impact on Coca-Cola Brand. Cristiano Ronaldo’s motion has a significant effect on a brand that values coke and water. In that respect, the gesture did not fail at the press conference.
UEFA insists that everyone has the right to choose their drink preferences. Still, Cristiano Ronaldo has removed two of their lemonades from the press conference. Ronaldo took offense to soft drinks in front of his seat yesterday during an interview and released them from the shot, urging fans instead to drink water. UEFA has now admitted bluntly that taste is needed.
Coca-Cola, a sponsor of Euro 2020, said in a statement on the development that free drinks based on the tastes and needs of each individual will be available. Players were offered water and Coca-Cola because it was zero sugar’ when they arrived at UEFA’s press conference, a spokesman added.
One of the greatest footballers of all time, the Portuguese star is notorious for his eating and exercise habits. Cristiano Ronaldo made the offer at a press conference before Portugal’s first game at Euro 2020. The match is tonight at 5 pm BST against Hungary. Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portugal star of Juventus, caused a stir off the pitch on Monday when he attended the Euro 2020 press conference of the Portugal national team ahead of their opening game against Hungary.
Cristiano Ronaldo caused an uproar when his Portuguese footballer in Spain caused a stir as he took to the pitch at the Euro 2020 opener against Hungary. Ronaldo was seen arriving at the press conference of Portugal ahead of the opening match of UEFA EURO 2020 – Hungary with two bottles of Coca-Cola taken from his table before asking questions with the stunt taking social media by storm. Fernando Santos, the manager of the Portuguese football team who attended the conference, did not remove the bottles that were on his table.
Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal pushed the soft drink bottles away from the Euro 2020 press conference ahead of the first game of the tournament. He then picked them up and replaced them with bottles of water. He said he advised people to drink water instead of soft drinks.

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