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Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Went Down Globally Again!!

Things we need to know:

  • Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram went down for thousands of users globally on Thursday night.
  • Three of them failed to load, and the blackout went on for over 30 minutes in several countries, including India.
  • Renew your memory; this is the second significant interruption experienced by Facebook and its apps this month. 

All the users experienced a short outage on the 9th of April. According to sources, Facebook was down for almost 30 minutes. However, now, the three apps are back online.


According to some other sources, Instagram users stated that they too had encountered a brief outage at around 2.40 am IST. The outage appeared to be global as users worldwide stated the issue. 

During the outage, Facebook displayed the message, “We are sorry, but something went wrong. Please try again.” Instagram users were also unable to load their feed at that time. Furthermore, on WhatsApp, users weren’t able to send or receive texts as well.

Compared to April, March was a bit longer for Facebook:Gl

facebook outage

At its height today, over 157,000 users had stated trouble with Facebook and 6,100 with the Instagram app. The reports have been marked since then. It is not clear still what produced the problem as users of the social media giant fussed about it with hashtags – #facebook down.
It’s not just us, but Instagram is down too.

If you have slow-loading issues and did check your Internet stability, then the answer is certainly – Instagram is probably down. The photo-sharing app, which frequently shows ‘Something went wrong,’ or ‘We’re on it,’ has been breaking down in the recent past.

In March, Facebook Inc-owned applications Instagram & WhatsApp faced a global outage. Many users took to Twitter to protest about not sending or receiving messages on Whatsapp. In contrast, others stated that they were unable to upload images or videos on Instagram.

This is the second time within a month wherein Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook services were malfunctioning. Nevertheless, the outage on March 19th was a bit longer and affected more users than on April 9th.

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