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Oscars: The 93rd Annual Academy Awards Nominations!!!


Make the two years like no other, since ability in the impressive 14-month Oscar list was enlarged by two months until 28th Feb 2021. It is considered the first Academy Awards since its latest edition, listed as 1932-33, which have added another year and part of the other. This year’s awards are described as 2020-21. While several theaters remained shut due to COVID, streamers like Netflix and Amazon became more notable than ever. The cinema-centric Academy had to recognize a sea change by making movies automatically acceptable though they have first debuted on a streamer, at least for this year.

Let’s look into the bests below:

The Best Picture

The exclusive adaptation from stage to screen among this year’s eight Best Picture candidates, The Father, uses the power of cinematic forms and procedure to make a chamber drama about a man’s slow descent into dementia into a solid universal story about an upshot many families are dealing with.

The Best Actor

Gary Oldman, obviously, is an amazing actor, but he won it recently, and Mank isn’t high. We’ve to wait till the release of Oscar for this theme.

The nomination seems like the win for Andra & Carey were best in Promising Young Woman, but not in a way that seemed different from her other work. Viola is forever great, but everything about that film felt too dramatic.

The Best Cinematography

Chicago 7 resembled an HBO film; period must be shot on film, maybe. News of the World had been defying with those candlelit dark exteriors. 

The Best International Movie:

Denmark’s Another Round is the front runner, having cleared the European Film Awards. It is landed its filmmaker Thomas Vinterberg a Best Director nomination at the Oscars and BAFTA. However, Hollywood held back the kind of blockbuster tentpoles that compete for this award as theatres were shut.

Stay tuned for more updates!!

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