Coronavirus: 20% of People Lose Natural Immunity Against COVID-19


Research conducted by the Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology reported that the immunity for coronavirus lasts for 6 months maximum, but between 20%-30% of those infected suffer this immunity after six months.

“The key finding of 20-30% of subjects losing virus-neutralizing activity, notwithstanding lingering seropositive, at 6-month follow-up helps concede why the large second wave hasn’t saved cities like Mumbai with huge seropositivity,” Dr. Anurag Agarwal, the director of IGIB stated in a tweet. The research is significant because it could explain the timing of the second wave of the coronavirus such as the one India is witnessing now.

Dr. Sengupta stated, we followed up with a fraction of these members for three and six to seven months and carried out a quantitative test to monitor their antibody levels. “Widespread asymptomatic SARS-CoV2 diseases affected nearly 100M Indians by Sept. 2020 with a consequent drop in new cases which may be attributable to extended population immunity albeit noticing reduced neutralization activity at six months this release may be temporary, the study also recorded.

Moreover, it said that at five to six months nearly 20% of the participants had lost the neutralization activity. The neutralization for the remaining was also on the decline, it said.

Delhi was found to have average seropositivity of over 56% in Jan, which doctors in the city assume was the reason for the slowing of the outbreak after the post-Diwali surge. Delhi registered 7,897 new cases, and Mumbai registered a bunch of 9,327 on Saturday.

The IGIB study established that seropositivity was inversely proportional to the Test Positivity Rate, which means, a higher predominance of antibodies leads to a decline in transmission. Neutralization – the ability of the antibody to either kill this virus or entirely restrict it from entering a cell.

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