Where Are The Food Trucks In Fortnite?


Fortnite is back with its challenges again, at long last. While one may not need the XP at this point in time, given the ultimate length of this season and all the challenges and events we have had previously, one will probably want to do the new Remedy Vs. Toxin challenges as you’ll unhitch a cool substitute purple style for the character.

Notwithstanding famous Twitch streamers such as Ninja kicking that Fortnite is no plentifuller fun to play, the game, however, has a massive community with tons of people playing it daily.

Following the cessation of its Winterfest event, Overtime challenges have reached, and one of its numerous missions includes obtaining three food trucks.

The Remedy vs. Toxin challenges for Fortnite Part 2 has been announced, and they cover objectives such as earning three silver survivor medals as well while hunting chests at seven different landmarks.

In Fortnite, there are four food trucks and they can be discovered near Pleasant Park, Lazy Lake, Salty Springs, and Retail Row.
These four food trucks in Fortnite are named Durr Burger, Snow Cones, Fork Knife, and Pizza Pit.

The moment you find these different food trucks, what you need to do is overtake them to complete the objective. Remember that you just have to find three rather than the total amount of four.

In addition to this (only needing to find three), you need not require to discover and venture to all of their whereabouts in one competitive match.

As soon as you have finished the challenge be it in one match, two, or over three, you will be rewarded with 52,000 XP and the goal will be marked as complete.

One word of caution about these locations. The way Fortnite can render its environments, given that these are lots of cars and not much else, these are not spots that one is going to see from high up in the field. They will pop in when you are much lower on the map, so you need to know that you’re probably in the right area, you simply can’t see them yet.

Challenges are back in some capacity. They may not be anything unique but can take a skin style as a reward.

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