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Managing location data with iOS 13, Android 10: Explained by Facebook.

With the upcoming update of Android 10 and iOS 13, not the users will get to know about how many times and when an application is using their location in the background. 


Very soon, iOS 13 is going to be released with the new iPhones in the markets. However, Android 10 has been released recently. Facebook describes how Android 10 and iOS 13 will affect access to the location of your device and other information. You can even get to know and manage your location as well on these OS. 


Android 10 allows people to get the complete information of the visibility of location usage and gives them control over such applications that will be using the device’s location. 


Meanwhile, iOS 13 has some different features. The OS will send reminders to the users about the apps that will be using the location access. Moreover, it will also describe the number of times an app has used the location, even if you are not using the app in the present time.


If you will be using Android 10, you can allow particular apps to use your location. The Engineering Director of Facebook, Paul McDonald, gave a statement on Monday at the Location Platform at Facebook that “To address this issue, Facebook will continue to respect the choice of your most restrictive setting”. 


He also adds that Facebook won’t collect any type of information related to location if you are not using the Facebook app, even if you have set the device location setting to “all of the time”. 


Facebook will also allow the users to check whether they have chosen the right option of the location setting or not by reminding them to do so. 


This feature is going to be one of the biggest change in the field of technology.

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