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Some amazing features of Whatsapp that must be known to everyone.

Beyond receiving and sending messages on Whatsapp, it offers some of the most exciting bunch of features that must be known to its every user. 


When Whatsapp was launched, it was nothing more than an instant and simple messaging app. The company started to introduce some new features to the world through the platform of Whatsapp that made it more useful and interactive. 


After a long time, Whatsapp has been used by numerous people all over the world. And now, the company started to introduce some of the most exciting features that no one could ever imagine. 


Moreover, Whatsapp is also working on other features including “fingerprint unlock” and “dark mode” that will be implemented soon.


One of the best features that have been introduced by Whatsapp in its Beta version is Whatsapp pay. At present, only the Beta users can use this feature but it will be implemented till the end of this year. 


Being an UPI-based payments system, Whatsapp Pay feature will allow users to send and accept payments through Whatsapp. Both the users that would like to use this feature to pay must know about it. Once a person sends the invitation to the other person, he can accept the payments. 


Another interesting feature is about “Group invitation”. In this feature, you can restrict the people who can add you to the groups. Several times, people add us in such groups that will do not want to be in. This feature would be the most useful at that time. You have to go through Account > Privacy > Groups and here you can choose who can add you to a group and who cannot. 


Sometimes we send a message to the wrong person unintentionally but previously, we couldn’t do anything about it. Now with the latest feature of Whatsapp, you can delete specific messages by using “delete for everyone” feature and the person won’t be able to see that message once it gets deleted.

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