People are not happy with the new update of Windows, specifically Windows 10 Cortana fix

The networking functionality of some computers has been killed by the patch according to some reports. 


Recently, Windows 10 launched a new update of its previous version which is named as KB4515384 update. The impressions of the latest update are not quite well. The users are disappointed with the new update as more troubles have been raised with the new version of Windows 10. 


With the previous update that was released on May 2019, some issues were noticed with the OS. Issues were witnessed regarding the Cortana search feature and CPU usage. The new update was released in order to fix those issues that were created by its previous update. 


Instead of fixing the issues, it has been noticed that the new update is causing more troubles. With the KB4515384 update, this time, the search option has been broken in the Taskbar and the Start menu. 


Microsoft noted that some issues were raised related to the audio quality of the speakers while playing games and now, certain issues have also been raised related to the networking problems. 


“Cumulative update (KB4515384) causes the NIC [network interface card] to fail to enable with a code 10 error. Reinstalling network drivers from Intel or Windows Update sources does not resolve the issue.” – feedback submitted by one of the users of the new update. However, he notes that problem goes away when the latest update patch KB4515384 was uninstalled. 


“KB4515384 broke my Intel NIC. It kept reporting ‘disconnected’. I downloaded the Intel drivers and did a fresh install, but no luck … still disabled. I uninstalled the kb, and I’m back in business.” – commented by another user of Microsoft on Reddit. 


After so many problems, now the users only pray that Microsoft fixes these problems as soon as possible.

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