Xiaomi confirms the release of a 65 inch Mi TV with 4K panel.

Xiaomi is all set to release its new Mi TV of 65 inches with 4K panel on September 17. In addition to the context, the new Mi TV will be launching numerous other smart home products. 

Last week, Xiaomi revealed that the company is going to host a smarter living event on the 17th of September in India. Certain news confirms that the company is going to release a 65 inch Mi TV with 4K panel in that event. 

There is no information about the specifications of the upcoming Mi TV. However, the teaser suggests that its release will be grand and it is going to be one of the “biggest things” that we will witness. At present, the biggest TV that Mi has released is a 55 inch LED TV 4X Pro. It is very much sure that Xiaomi is going to reveal something bigger than its previous version. 

It is still a matter of doubt that the TV is going to be released on September 17 or not because the news has not been officially confirmed by the company yet. However, the expectations of the same are very high. 

Xiaomi sells the 55 inches LED TV at INR 39,000. Since the upcoming TV would be much bigger and an upgraded version of the previous one, the price is also expected to be more than the previous one. It has been expected that Xiaomi will sell the TV with a price tag of more than INR 40,000 or INR 50,000. However, the price of the same TV in China is INR 63,000. 

The company has promised to launch one more product at the smarter living event. This may be a smart home product or anything else. Whatever it may be, September 17 is going to be an excellent day for those people who are waiting for something bigger to happen. 

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